Next Camo Fabric

Next Camo Fabric

Next Camo features a great stick and leaves alternative to other brands and have had great success with the popular Bonz pattern. The Bonz pattern features (You got it) bones! This pattern looks great when used in apparel, seat covers or similar projects. Check out the fabric and patterns currently available below.

  • Next-Camo-Bonz-500D-cordura-nylon

    500D Cordura Nylon – Next Camo Mini Bonz – 60″

    $19.45 / yd
  • 500D Cordura® Nylon Uncoated – Next Camo Mini Bonz – 60″ (Clearance)

    $7.95 / yd
  • Next Camo G1 Vista - Cotton / Nylon Twill

    6 oz. Cotton/Nylon Twill Next Camo G1 Vista – 65″ (Clearance)

  • Next Camo Bonz 600D Poly

    600D Poly – Next Camo Bonz – 60″

    $14.45 / yd