Fabric for Coronavirus Face Mask Fabric

Homemade coronavirus face mask fabric
Homemade coronavirus face mask fabric

A lot of people have been reaching out and asking what fabric would be best for making homemade face masks. Below is a tutorial and a list of fabrics that would be ideal for making homemade masks or mask covers. DISCLAIMER: This is non-medical grade fabric. Fabric should be washed before use on face.

  • Next Camo G1 Vista - Cotton / Nylon Twill

    6 oz. Cotton/Nylon Twill Next Camo G1 Vista – 65″ (Clearance)

  • 6 oz. Spun Poly Twill – Fishouflage Mini Musky – 58″ (Clearance)

    $5.15 / yd
  • Cotton Jersey Knit – A-TACS AU-X – 60″

  • A-TACS Ghost Jersey Knit Fabric

    Cotton Jersey Knit – A-TACS Ghost – 60″

    $10.45 / yd
  • Cotton Jersey Knit – A-Tacs LE-X – 60″

    $10.45 / yd
  • Cotton Jersey Knit – Grassland (Clearance)

    $4.75 / yd
  • Realtree Xtra Colors - Meteorite - Jersey Knit

    Cotton Jersey Knit – Realtree Xtra® Colors ‘Meteorite’ – 60″

    $10.45 / yd
  • A-TACS-AU-Cotton-Sheeting

    Cotton Sheeting – A-TACS AU – 60″

    $9.95 / yd
  • CWC Sweatshirt Fleece – Fishouflage Bass 58″ (Clearance)

    $4.75 / yd
  • CWC Sweatshirt Fleece – Fishouflage Musky 58″ (Clearance)

    $4.75 / yd
  • Mossy Oak Break Up - CWC Twill

    CWC Twill – Mossy Oak Break Up® – 59/60″

    $10.45 / yd
  • Mossy Oak Obsession NWTF - CWC Twill

    CWC Twill – Mossy Oak Obsession – Official NWTF Camo – 59/60″

  • Realtree Xtra CWC Twill

    CWC Twill – Realtree Xtra – 59/60″

  • Jersey Knit – A-TACS IX – 60″

    $10.45 / yd
  • Muddy Girl Jersey Knit

    Jersey Knit – Moon Shine Muddy Girl – 60″

    $10.45 / yd

25 thoughts on “Fabric for Coronavirus Face Mask Fabric

  1. Is the Jersey knit like a cotton material that you are showing to make face mask out of or could you explain the difference thank you

    1. Hi Susan. Jersey knit is one fabric we are offering for this. It’s basic t-shirt material. Not sure what the other fabric you are asking about regarding a difference.

      1. Bryan, Just a basic on the fabric differences. Jersey knit is as you said a knit fabric like used in t-shirts, meaning it has stretch and is very soft. The other common fabric used for the masks is “woven” cotton which is a much stiffer fabric like a cotton sheet. That may be what Susan wanted to know. T-shirt fabric works well, but the woven fabric has a much tighter weave letting in fewer particles. I hope this helps you answer questions if you come across them again. It is personal preference for which material to use.

        1. Thanks Cher – couldn’t have said it better myself! We have gotten requests for woven fabrics as well, which is why we’ve now added these to the ‘facemask’ section. So, there are both wovens and knits to choose from now. Like you said, personal preference.

  2. My question is: How is the jersey knit fabric different than 100% cotton? I have been using cotton for sewing, and I think that’s what Susan Hill was trying to ask too. Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie. Sorry if I’m not clear on what is being asked. Most of the jersey knit we sell is 100% cotton. Can you explain what you mean by difference?

      1. Great! That’s what I was wondering. I was asking how the jersey knit was different than 100% cotton, but you got it through to me that it is 100% cotton. It just comes under the name jersey knit. I finally got it and I appreciate your time and patience to help me understand that. That was very generous of you and I greatly appreciate that. Thanks so much! We put in an order before getting back to you. Can’t wait to see the cool fabric!♥️

        1. Gotcha! Sorry if i misunderstood the question. Can see it now since it doesn’t mention the 100% cotton part. Either way, glad we’re all clear and thank you for the order. Excited to see how your project turns out!

        2. The fabric is very nice. Love the muddy girl. The Real tree words had some of the words that were hard to make out which was disappointing on the material but will make do it was on sale wish I would have gotten the other. I will buy again and I got the order very quickly Thank you. Susan

          1. Thanks for the kind words Susan! Sorry that the logo words were a little hard to make out. Sometimes the cottons are hard to get a clear image of these because they are so detailed. But, glad you enjoyed your experience with us!

    2. If you put a layer of fusible interfacing on the backside of the knit fabric, it gives the knit body, making it easier to handle and sew!

  3. Is the Jersey knit strechy?

    1. I guess most of us that are making masks are using regular cotton, does not strech unlike traditional Jersey Knit/t-shirt fabric. I think this is what the above commenters are not understanding.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. You are correct, all of the jersey knit has at least some two-way stretch to it. Part of the confusion is our fault, since we didn’t list the blend on all of these. I believe they are all 100% cotton except for one, which is a blend. We are working to update this information.

        If you need a lot of stretch, we do have one that is 90% cotton/10% spandex in Mossy Oak Mini Infinity. That is listed as a cotton/spandex blend.

        Lastly, we just added a handful of woven twills, for those making masks without any stretch. Mostly cotton blends, but a few brushed polyester twills.

        Hope this helps update everyone!

  4. What do you think about using the 70D nylon fabric for face masks? Apparently some testing has been done that it filters well and is breathable.

    1. Hi Mary. That’s a good question. 70D nylon is a tightly woven fabric, so it sounds plausible. However, please note that most of the 70D ripstop we sell has a urethane coating on the back, rending the fabric completely unbreathable. The only 70D ripstop I carry without the PU coating is in Multicam. This fabric will be breathable.

      If you wind up purchasing some of this, please get back to us with the results!

  5. Thanks for the information! Is this the 70D Multicam fabric you were referring to?



    1. Hi Mary,

      So sorry – was just scanning through these conversations and looks like we missed your question. If still interested – yes that is the one I was referring to. Sorry again for going dark on you!

      1. No problem, Bryan. I ordered the fabric a few weeks ago. It was very good quality. Thank you!

        1. Excellent Mary – glad you like it!

  6. I’m looking for kryptec pattern, do you carry it?

  7. Just a comment regarding my previous purchase. I purchased 8 yards of the Muddy Girl Camo Jersey knit for face masks. Used all 8 yards so I am back today for more. I am also getting the solid white to line them with. Everyone loves this fabric so much I can not keep these in stock. Thanks for offering this a such a great price. Local stores in my area have nothing like this.

    1. Hi Gayle – thanks for the kind words and we’re so happy to hear our fabrics are working great and priced right. Keep up the good work you are doing!

    2. What kind of mask are u making with the Jersey fabric?

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