Muddy Girl® – Pink Camo Fabric

Muddy Girl Fabric

My wife literally loves this stuff. My daughter is crazy about it. As a matter of fact, Moonshine Camo’s Muddy Girl® pattern seems to be a hit with most outdoor loving ladies. I see this pattern everywhere. I see it on clothes, cups, vehicles; heck my wife even has it in some sexy lingerie! (Don’t tell her I told you) So with that said, we have had a lot of interest in pink camo fabric so we are extending our line of Muddy Girl fabric. See our available fabrics below. All of our fabrics are available by the yard. If you have an interest in other fabrics let us know!

  • Muddy Girl Jersey Knit

    Jersey Knit – Moon Shine Muddy Girl – 60″

    $10.45 / yd
  • Muddy Girl Polyester Fabric

    Polyester 315gm Tricot – Moon Shine® Muddy Girl® – 60”

    $13.45 / yd

Muddy Girl Fleece Blanket

My daughter loves this blanket. The winter months have finally met their match! No more complaining about how cold it is and that her feet are cold with this gem. I do hear her griping when she catches her mother snuggling with it on the couch though. 🙂

  • This is a throw blanket. It measures approximately 4.5′ x 6′
  • This blanket is not your typical fleece blanket as it is two-layered making it extremely warm and comfortable. Muddy Girl fabric on one side and a solid color on the other
  • The corners and edges are trimmed with a color coordinated suede-like binding
  • This Muddy Girl fleece blanket is machine washable and machine dryable.

You really need to give this blanket a try. It also makes a great gift!

31 thoughts on “Muddy Girl® – Pink Camo Fabric

  1. I was curious if you guys had any Muddy Girl in Satin, or if you would be getting any within the year? Thank you

    1. Hi Stefanie. Thanks for checking. We plan to introduce satin over the course of the next few months. Will definitely be including the Muddy Girl pattern in this mix! Please check back with us or subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Thanks again!

    2. HI Stefanie. Just wanted to let you know, we now have Muddy Girl satin on CFD! Here is a link to the page.

      Let me know if you need anything else.

      Thanks – CFD

    3. I’m wanting to order the muddy girl fabric for my van ceiling, but not sure which type would work best

      1. Hi Josh – I think the 315gm poly tricot would be your best bet. It’s a medium weight knit fabric with a brushed finish and not much stretch. So, it should conform well to any contours in your van ceiling. My only advice would be to be careful with the adhesive so it doesn’t soak through to the front. Maybe order an extra yard for testing the right amount.

  2. Hi I’m instered in buying muddy girl Camo to have my wife’s Jeep seats wrapped but would like it in vinyl , do you have it and where would I look , thanks John

    1. Hi John – thanks for checking with us! We do not carry vinyl but do carry 600D polyester and 500D Cordura nylon. Both of these fabrics are used extensively for after-market seat covers. The are water and stain resistant and generally considered more comfortable than vinyl products. Please type either of these fabrics into the search area on our website and you’ll see all the camo options we have. Thanks again and good luck! Bryan

  3. Do you carry any muddy girl fleece fabric?

    1. Hi Carol – sorry, but we don’t have fleece in Muddy Girl pattern. Currently selling t-shirt knit, 600D polyester and 315 gm tricot, which is a sueded polyester knit.

      I know Moon Shine Camo (the parent company) have a lightweight fleece in stock they sell by the yard. Maybe try there –

      Good luck!

  4. Do you have muddy girl material in cotton.

    1. HI – thanks for checking with us. We have Muddy Girl in 100% cotton jersey knit (think t-shirt fabric) and poly/cotton twill (think ballcap fabric). Both of these fabrics have other uses, but these are the most popular.

      Here is a link to all Muddy Girl fabric on CFD. You will find both of these here.

      thanks and good luck!

  5. Hi

    We are looking for t-shirt type of material in muddy girl
    Do you ship to South Africa?


    1. Hi – thanks for checking. Yes, we can ship to South Africa. You should be able to get a rate from the checkout page after you’ve placed items in your cart. If the rate does not seem workable, please contact me again and I can double check if there is a less expensive shipping rate available. We use Fed Ex for most of our international shipping, but sometimes we can get a little better rate through the postal service.

      We carry cotton jersey knit in Moon Shine Muddy Girl pattern. Perfect for making T-shirts. Here is the link to that product page.


  6. Hello.

    I am looking to cover a formed headliner from a 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 and am wondering what the best fabric would be to conform to the contours in the headliner.


    Steve Kerr

    1. Hi Steve – I don’t have a lot of experience with headliners myself but, based on comments from others, really you can use about any fabric for a headliner. Some key points:

      1) Make sure to use an appropriate adhesive. I believe 3M makes ones specific for headliners.
      2) If mounting it to new foam – it’s probably best to mount it to the foam first and then mount that to the roof frame.
      3) If using an open fabric (like sheeting or jersey knit) or a cotton content fabric (like CWC twill) try not to oversaturate with the adhesive, so it doesn’t soak through to the front of the fabric. Testing is key.

      If you’d like me to narrow down the choices to the best fabrics – I’d recommend the 600d polyester, CWC twill, tricot or sheeting. In that order.

      Good luck and let me know if any other questions.

  7. Hi, I am wanting to make some seat covers for my jeep wrangler. I notice you mentioned the 500D & 600D fabrics…what is the difference between the two and how do they feel as far as softness, stretch, etc? Are they the same feel (rough & thin) as the “cheapy” universal seat covers you can buy at say walmart? (Wanting a softer feel) Thank you

    1. Hi Dianne – the 500D and 600D fabrics are used for high-end custom fit (non-universal) seat covers, so they are a great product to use for this. However, they are rugged, durable woven fabrics – so they will not be soft and will not stretch. The 600D polyester is a little softer than the 500D nylon, but about the same as a backpack fabric might be a little softer than a luggage fabric.

      The best fabric I have for this application that is also soft is Mustang. It is luxuriously soft and also has a non-woven backing for more body. However, I only carry it in Realtree AP pattern.

      The next best fabric I have for this is the 315gm tricot knit – which I have in Muddy Girl. This does not come with a backing, so it will be fabric only.

      Both of these fabrics are in the microsuede-type family. The 315gm tricot knit is a mid-range quality microsuede where the Mustang is top-of-the-line. Both are knits and will have substantial “give” but will not elongate (i.e. stretch) like a jersey knit will or a spandex-containing product.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if any other questions.

  8. I would like to make some muddy girl quilts, I would need 100% cotton do you know if it is available in cotton?

    1. Hi Karen – the only 100% cotton fabric we are offering in the Muddy Girl pattern is the jersey knit (i.e. t-shirt fabric). I don’t know if you could make this work for quilting or not but I think a more ideal fabric would be the poly/cotton blend twill. It’s soft enough and it’s main use is for ball caps and some shirting, but I know we have had customers use this for quilting before. Here is a link to that page if interested:

      Good luck on this project!

  9. I want to do my headliner in my Jeep, but I don’t know what fabric would be best. Suggestions? Looking for a soft semi stretchy type of material.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      In the Muddy Girl pattern, the fabric I carry that would probably be best-suited would be cotton jersey (t-shirt fabric) and poly tricot (multi-purpose knit). The cotton jersey has a decent amount of two-way stretch. The tricot doesn’t really stretch, but it does “give” and is pretty flexible and pliable.

      One last comment, the tricot is transfer printed, so the image quality will be vivid and crisp. The jersey knit is pigment printed, which makes it have a more rugged, washed down look.

      Hope this helps!

  10. Hello, do you carry muddy girl cotton fabric?

  11. Can I pick up the muddy girl twill fabric? I live less than 30 miles away. Do you have patches that say Muddy Girl? I want to my my granddaughter a race suit for her 4 wheeler and would love a patch saying Muddy Girl?

    1. Hi Debbie,

      yes, you can pick the material up. I have sent you details in a reply to your email. I don’t have any patches – sorry. I can give you a Muddy Girl hangtag if it would help. Just remind me when you come in.

  12. Wondering if any of the moonshine muddy girl fabric you have would work for a tanking bathing suit top?

    1. the 315 gm tricot knit should work for a bathing suit top. It’s a tightly knit, non-stretch fabric that has a soft feel to it. Here is the link to that page:

      thanks and good luck!

      1. I was thinking more like a spandex type material. Something that stretches.

        1. Sorry, we don’t have any spandex blends in stock. Good luck in your search!

  13. Hi there!
    I have 2 projects in the pipeline that I need Muddy Girl fabric for.
    1. A custom range bag – the one I can find online is too small for my needs. Note that the range bag fabric needs to be very durable.
    2. A set of car seat covers.
    Which is the best fabrics to use.
    I’m from South Africa.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. For both of these, I would recommend using the 600D polyester fabric. It’s waterproof, durable and is used frequently for car seat covers, bags and packs. Below is a link to that product page.

      good luck with this project!

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