Nyco Extreme – A-TACS® U|CON™ – 65″

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The roughly 50/50 blend of nylon and cotton fibers makes this fabric very hard wearing and durable, but comfortable enough to wear all day. It has a high tread count and crisp feel, but with a softer hand than the poly/cotton version. When you combine this with the rich colors and excellent colorfast properties of the VAT printing method, it’s no wonder that VAT printed NYCO ripstop is the go-to fabric choice for military uniforms around the world.

NYCO ripstop is available in a wide 65” width. It is considered top-of-the line for making apparel that is comfortable and light but can put up with abuse. It also can be used with confidence to add a military-camo theme to any project where a cotton blend fabric would work – home dec projects, grilling aprons, bags and packs and so much more.

  • 17% lighter vs US Mil Spec
  • Up 3X higher tearing strength vs US Mil Spec
  • Up to 10X more breathable vs US Mil Spec
  • Up to 35% faster drying time vs US Mil Spec
  • **Currently selected and fielded for US Army Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in


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