5 Great Campsite Uses for Camouflage 70D Nylon Fabric

5 Great Camping Uses for Camouflage Fabric
5 Great Camping Uses for Camouflage Fabric

It’s camping season and there are times when you could use a few yards of waterproof fabric at your campsite. 70D Nylon ripstop is the perfect camping fabric. Everyone always tells me they already have tarps at their campsite. Let me tell you, tarps are not the same. Our fabrics are lighter weight and can be cut to length for whatever you need to use it for. I always keep a few yards around and here are just a few ways I have found it to be useful.

  1. Camper Leaks

    Oh those dreaded camper leaks. Our 70D Nylon Ripstop is ideal for this type of situation. It’s waterproof, lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of room in storage. Laying down a little bit of our fabric over top of the leak is a great temporary solution for any camper leak. Don’t throw a 50′ tarp down, use a couple yards of our fabric.


  2. Table Cloths

    Most of our fabrics come in 60” widths. Having a few yards around for table cloths is great. You can cut the fabrics to the exact length you want. The fabric is waterproof and easily cleaned. The camouflage fabrics look awesome at the campsite!


  3. Covers

    Our fabrics work really well for making custom grill covers. They are also great for covering just about anything else including woodpiles, mowers, ATVs, etc. The lightweight 70D Nylon is waterproof with a PU coating so having a few yards around for emergencies is a good idea.


  4. Emergency Shelter

    Since our 70D Nylon Ripstop is lightweight and waterproof, I tell all of my hiking & camping friends to carry at least 6 yards of our fabric with them. It packs easy and is extremely strong and durable. Use it for an emergency shelter or tent.


  5. Hammock

    Do you want to make a homemade hammock? Our fabrics are tough enough to hold a grown man. All you need is some rope, a couple stones to tie at the corners or grommets and you could be chilling on a comfy hammock in no time.

  • 70D Nylon MultiCam Original Fabric

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  • A-TACS AU-X 70D Nylon Ripstop Fabric - Camo Fabric Depot

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